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We build Custom WebsitesFor Cannabis Companies

Elevate your brand and drive organic traffic: Your all-in-one solution for cannabis branding and SEO excellence.

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Working experience with brands such as:

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Cannabis-Focused Digital Solutions You Can Trust

Transform your cannabis vision into reality

Custom Web Design & Development

Transforming ideas into reality with tailored, responsive, and performance-driven websites

Responsive Design

Mobile-first, tailored for various devices

Fast Site Performance

Ensuring high-speed user experience

CMS Integration

Customized content management

Digital Marketing & SEO Services

Roll high-quality organic traffic and spark engagement through tailored content, social media, and analytics

Content Marketing

Engaging and SEO-friendly content

Social Media Management

Building your online presence

Analytics and Reporting

Informed marketing strategies

eCommerce Solutions

Custom eCommerce solutions to set your cannabis brand apart

End-to-End Development

Seamless shopping experience

Secure Payment Gateways

Ensuring transaction safety

Inventory Management Systems

Streamlining operations

AI Integration & Automation

Revolutionize your cannabis operations with AI-enhanced customer engagement and insightful analytics

AI Chatbots

Enhancing user interactions, cutting service costs

Product Recommendation Engines

Personalized user experience

Prompt Engineering

Optimizing AI responses, enhancing creativity, precision & efficiency

Proven Results, Measured Success

At Higher Tide, we are more than just a digital development agency; we are your trusted partners in carving a path of unparalleled digital success. Our expertise in web and AI services goes beyond building websites; it fosters lasting partnerships that catalyze monumental growth, with our collaborations often seeing over a 200% increase in conversion rates.

Our legacy is rich with groundbreaking ventures including the successful US launch of Seth Rogen's Houseplant and the massive enhancement of Cookies' e-commerce presence. Additionally, we have streamlined operations at 710 Labs with innovative software solutions and established automated connections at Weedmaps, enhancing service across various regions in California. Not to forget our pivotal role at Amuse, where we led a technology transition that realized near 100% ARR gains.

Entrust your brand with Higher Tide, where we craft tailor-made solutions aligned with your unique aspirations. Leveraging innovative strategies such as AI product recommendation engines and generative imagery, we are poised to elevate your brand to remarkable heights, nurturing a robust online presence marked by innovation and a seamless user experience.

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Our Values: The High Road to Your Success 🌿

Cannabis-Centric Solutions
We craft bud-and-beyond digital solutions to elevate your cannabis brand's industry standing.
Growth Beyond the Canopy
Our ceaseless pursuit of innovation allows us to adapt and flourish in the ever-changing cannabis digital landscape.
Your High, Our Quest
We roll up our sleeves to develop tailor-made strategies, considering your success as the ultimate hit.
Intelligent Greens Through AI
Using AI, we bring next-level personalization and user experiences that feel as intuitive as choosing your favorite strain.
Sustainability from Seed to Scale
We deliver clean, maintainable code and robust solutions that grow with you, just like the finest cannabis cultivars.
Trust in Our Strain of Expertise
With a rich history of successful projects, we're the go-to cultivators for bringing your digital cannabis dreams to life.
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